Paul's fascinating one Handed Neighbor and his Mangy Dog Yaah

Some of you might be wondering what that crazy image of that stick man is on the botom of our web page. That image is of the one and only Frank Shea and his dog yaah. Frank is in his early nineties and still going strong, he is one hell of a guy. He didn't let getting his hand ripped off by a manure spreader dampen his fun-no way. This section of our page is devoted to Frank and updates in his busy, rip roaring life of his. Frank's dog, named yaah is quite the mut. Yaah got is name because it was easy for Frank to yell out. The thing that gives yaah his fifteen minutes in the sun is his ability to run under neath cars while your driving. And by the way, this dog looks like its been ranover a couple dozen times. Anyway the other day Frank got his license revoked. He was pissed off. After reclessy endangering a pedestrians life by driving on the sidewalk a cop pulled Frank over and took his license. Bullshit if you ask me. I say we need more dangerous drivers on the road to add excitement to our boring lives.

UPDATE: Frank has recently decided to hang it up for good. His encouragement behind his decision was the positive reinforcement from his dog yaah. Frank had an auction the other day and sold nearly everything. Even yaah.

UPDATE: Frank bought yaah back on saturday the 3rd