This Communist llama says, "Thanks for coming here."

Well, the other day I was thinking, "Hey, there aren't many horn tabs on the internet." And then I was thinking, "Well, why don't I write some." So then I put two and two together (or whatever that saying is) and decided to put some here. Well, Hell's bells, look at me ramble on here, I'd better stop.

My heap of shit links

asian man records: Great record label, cheap prices, good bands.
revelation records: Best hardcore label. Huge catalog.
skapunx: Tons of real audio songs.
brownlabel: Lots of punk and ska videos.

Here's how to read my tabs:
Slapstick horn tabs:
Less Than Jake horn tabs:
Supermarket Allstars horn tabs:
Against All Authority horn tabs:
This place has nothing to do with anything.:

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