All right, here's the scoop. I've been messing around with real audio stuff and I think I finally understand how to do this stuff. It should take about a minute to download these, hopefully. Also, I'm not going to put any songs on here that you can listen to at skapunx, which has over 1000 songs, because you might as well listen to them there and wait for less time for the songs to download. Also, I don't have anything on here from the Brown Belt Slumlords because we don't have a cd and I don't know how and if you can record a cassette tape on real audio. If anyone can help me with that, or how to make the songs download quicker, or any other suggestions, please e-mail me here. You need a real audio player to listen to these, and you can get that here. It's free.

My Snazzy List of Links

Dillinger 4: Supermodels don't drink colt .45
Dillinger 4: Superpowers enable me to blend into machinery
Supermarket Allstars: Girl Fight
Gorilla Biscuits: New Direction